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Patriot Act-Diebold-Choicepoint
by roseeriter Wed Mar 2nd, 2005 at 02:52:55 PST
Why did John Ashcroft step down and where is he going? What the hell did this man do to America?
I didn't realize the can of worms affiliated with Choicepoint when I posted my diary yesterday UPDATE: Choicepoint and Katharine Harris - Another Big Scandal?.
So I did some more digging thanks to many of the tips from some comments. And found this below- a connection with Diebold, Choicepoint and The Patriot Act. First a bit from Patriot Act
The USA PATRIOT Act introduced sweeping changes to U.S. law, including amendments to:
Wiretap Statute (Title III):
Electronic Communications Privacy Act
Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
Family Education Rights and Privacy Act
Pen Register and Trap and Trace Statute
Money Laundering Act
Immigration and Nationality Act
Money Laundering Control Act
Bank Secrecy Act
Right to Financial Privacy Act
Fair Credit Reporting Act

Connections of Patriot Act>Diebold>Choicepoint

Press Release: BSNewswire BSNewswire: Diebold To Patent "+1" Operation NEW YORK, Nov. 3 BSNewswire -- Diebold, ChoicePoint and Sproul - in a new partnership between government and business involving unprecedented interagency cooperation between the RNC/PNAC, the Patent Office, the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security - and funded in part by venture capital from Microsoft's capital-markets division - have announced plans to form a joint venture to leverage core software patents and other intellectual property for the purpose of maintaining America's strategic edge at providing "the best democracy money can buy."
Diebold's flagship product - their distributed "black box" implementation of what assembly-language programmers used to refer to as the "INCR" operator, better known to the rest of us as "plus one" or "addition" - will to be the first of several strategic arithmetic operators to be included in the joint venture's portfolio of vital information-technology (IT) trade secrets, which will soon include implementions of other core mathematical functions, such as subtotal, percent, and greater-than-or-equal-to.
Meanwhile, ChoicePoint's proprietary software-based disenfranchisement algorithms, whose Florida 2000 rollout transparently scrubbed tens of thousands of undesirable second-class citizens from the voter rolls, are expected to provide the perfect "synergy" with more prosaic, paper-oriented Jim Crow technologies such as Sproul's circular-file-based voter-deregistration methodologies, and the RNAC's innovative use of mail fraud and racketeering successfully deployed against the 2004 voter-registration drives in Ohio and other states.More Here

Then there is this article which recaps Choicepoint quite well for us newbies.
ChoicePoint transforming itself into a private intelligence service
by Robert O'Harrow Jr., Washington Post
Jan. 20, 2005
WASHINGTON --It began in 1997 as a company that sold credit data to the insurance industry. But over the next seven years, as it acquired dozens of other companies, Alpharetta, Ga.-based ChoicePoint Inc. became an all-purpose commercial source of personal information about Americans, with billions of details about their homes, cars, relatives, criminal records and other aspects of their lives.
As its dossier grew, so did the number of ChoicePoint's government and corporate clients, jumping from 1,000 to more than 50,000 today. Company stock once worth about $500 million ballooned to $4.1 billion.
Now the little-known information industry giant is transforming itself into a private intelligence service for national security and law enforcement tasks. It is snapping up a host of companies, some of them in the Washington area, that produce sophisticated computer tools for analyzing and sharing records in ChoicePoint's immense storehouses. In financial papers, the company itself says it provides "actionable intelligence."
We do act as an intelligence agency, gathering data, applying analytics," said company vice president James A. Zimbardi.
ChoicePoint and other private companies increasingly occupy a special place in homeland security and crime-fighting efforts, in part because they can compile information and use it in ways government officials sometimes cannot because of privacy and information laws.
ChoicePoint renewed and expanded a contract with the Justice Department in the fall of 2001. Since then, the company and one of its leading competitors, LexisNexis Group, have also signed contracts with the Central Intelligence Agency to provide public records online, according to newly released documents.
Attorney General John D. Ashcroft and other government authorities have said these new tools are essential to national security. But activists for civil liberties and privacy, and some lawmakers, say current laws are inadequate to ensure that businesses and government agencies do not abuse the growing power to examine the activities of criminals and the innocent alike.
These critics said it will soon be hard for individuals looking for work or access to sensitive facilities to ever shake off a criminal past or small transgression, such as a bounced check or minor arrest.
Chris Hoofnagle, associate director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, a nonprofit group in the District, said ChoicePoint is helping to create a " 'Scarlet Letter' society."
The information industry has traditionally fought regulations, arguing that it can police itself. But hoping to avoid a regulatory backlash that could curtail his company's access to information, ChoicePoint chief executive Derek V. Smith said he'll be reaching out to Capitol Hill in the coming months to promote the industry's benefits -- and express his willingness to work with lawmakers to develop new regulations.
"We have a new responsibility to society, and we want to make sure that's legitimized," Smith said. "We'd like everybody to play by the same rules and standards that society believes are correct."
An entire industry has mushroomed during the past decade because of extraordinary increases in computing power, the expansion of telecommunications networks and the ability of companies like ChoicePoint to gather and make sense of public records, criminal histories and other electronic details that people now routinely leave behind.
Some of these companies -- including the three major credit bureaus -- have become multi-pronged giants that regularly refresh information about more than 200 million adults and then sell that data to police, corporate marketers, homeland security officials and one another.
In doing so, they wield increasing power over the multitude of decisions that affect daily life -- influencing who gets hired, who is granted credit or who can get on an airplane.
ChoicePoint is not alone in eyeing the government for new business. LexisNexis and others also work closely with national security and intelligence officials. To compete in the homeland security market, LexisNexis paid $775 million last year for Seisint Inc., a rival company with a supercomputer and a counter-terrorism system dubbed MATRIX.
Another snippet
The government still maintains some of the world's most sophisticated eavesdropping and spy gear. But officials often depend on commercial systems for public records, identity verification and automated analysis, such as finding anomalous personal information that might suggest a person has hidden ties to risky groups. Growing numbers of commercial systems offer "scoring" services that rate individuals for various kinds of risks.
To expand its presence in the intelligence community, ChoicePoint hired a team of prominent former government officials as homeland security advisors in late 2003. They included William P. Crowell Jr., the former deputy director of the National Security Agency; Dale Watson, a former FBI executive assistant director of counter-terrorism and counterintelligence, and Viet D. Dinh, a former assistant attorney general and primary author of the USA PATRIOT Act.
We're ALL in this data base somewhere.
Smith and other ChoicePoint executives wanted much more. Intent on becoming a national data and analysis clearinghouse, the company went on a buying spree. ChoicePoint bought one company that screens new employees for signs of illicit drug use. It purchased another that specializes in the use of DNA to identify people, living or dead. In 2002, it bought VitalChek Network Inc., a Nashville company that provides the technology and networks to process and sell birth, death, marriage and divorce records in every state.
It collected data in other ways, too. Through an employee screening system called Esteem, the company compiles reports from dozens of retailers such as Target, Home Depot and others about employees who have admitted to, or been convicted of, shoplifting.
Since its inception, Smith said, his company has focused primarily on making the country a safer place, especially in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.Link
To me this is far more threatening than 9/11.
Choicepoint and Katharine Harris-Another Big Scandal?by roseeriter Tue Mar 1st, 2005 at 03:41:28 PSTChoicepoint Inc. has been in the news lately claiming that someone hacked them and stole hundreds of thousands of identities.NEWS STORY
Well Katharine Harris-you remember her from Florida's 2000 Gore/Bush election? Seems she and Choicepoint have a direct link.
See Below
Only much later did someone discover that Database Technologies had scrubbed 57,700 legal voters off the Florida rolls, most of whom would have probably voted for Gore. At least 8,000 of those disenfranchised voters came from a list of Texas felons provided by ChoicePoint Inc., except that those people had actually only committed misdemeanors and not felonies. Thus, they had been improperly barred from casting their ballots. A spokesman for ChoicePoint ultimately admitted, "I guess that's a little bit embarrassing in light of the election." What's more, ChoicePoint had contributed large amounts of money to Republican candidates in 2000, leading to the observation that the company's error coincidentally benefited its partisan leanings. But that hardly surprised anyone.
Bear in mind that Katherine Harris had been the co-chair of George W. Bush's Florida election campaign. She served as a delegate to the Republican National Convention. And she took time off from her job to campaign for Bush in New Hampshire. She even hired retired general Norman Schwarzkopf for a state-funded TV commercial encouraging people to vote, despite the fact that he was actively campaigning for Bush in Florida. No, Does that mean that Democrats are generally more stupid than Republicans, I ask? She doesn't answer. LINK
in 2000, Katharine Harris and Jeb Bush used ChoicePoint to purge the voter rolls of Florida of tens of thousands of African American "felons", and here they are, back in the news again, pay particular scrutiny to the description of their database.Another Link
This is new news to me. I swear when you think you've heard about all the scandals, more sneak up.I have a feeling Harris is more involved in things than originally thought. She's been rewarded with a seat in Congress.

NEW Bush Pyramid Scheme Web Site
by roseeriter Mon Feb 28th, 2005 at 11:16:30 PST
Kos member Infidelpig and I are working on a series of web pages on the Bush administration's various 'schemes' against the American people.
We are linking the major players from the top down with appropriate story links, many from Kos diaries. This is a preliminary view. Any tips, suggestions links photos and feedback will be appreciated. WebSite
Please check Links and any thoughts, ideas, critique will be appreciated.Disclaimer- (Neither infidelpig or myself are professionals LOL!!)
This is purely a K.I.S.S. project

Discipleship Vs Democracy
by roseeriter Mon Feb 28th, 2005 at 02:56:13 PST

Oh Lordy lordy. What is the definition of a Christian? I honestly don't know anymore. There must be some form of brainwashing afoot, and Mr. Dear's label of "Discipleship" seems appropriate.
Most North American Christians are now becoming more and more like these hypocritical Pharisees. We side with the rulers, the bankers, and the corporate millionaires and billionaires. We run the Pentagon, bless the bombing raids, support executions, make nuclear weapons and seek global domination for America as if that was what the nonviolent Jesus wants. And we dismiss anyone who disagrees with us.
We have become a mean, vicious people, what the bible calls "stiff-necked people." And we do it all with the mistaken belief that we have the blessing of God.
If we dare call ourselves Christian, we cannot support war or nuclear weapons or corporate greed or executions or systemic injustice of any kind. If we do, we may well be devout American citizens, but we no longer follow the nonviolent Jesus. We have joined the hypocrites and blasphemers of the land, beginning with their leaders in the White House, the Pentagon and Los Alamos.
Another Snippet from Pharisee Nation by John Dear(Gotta love his name.)
Last September, I spoke to some 2,000 students during their annual lecture at a Baptist college in Pennsylvania. After a short prayer service for peace centered on the Beatitudes, I took the stage and got right to the point. "Now let me get this straight," I said. "Jesus says, `Blessed are the peacemakers,' which means he does not say, `Blessed are the warmakers,' which means, the warmakers are not blessed, which means warmakers are cursed, which means, if you want to follow the nonviolent Jesus you have to work for peace, which means, we all have to resist this horrific, evil war on the people of Iraq."
With that, the place exploded, and 500 students stormed out. The rest of them then started chanting, "Bush! Bush! Bush!"
How scary and depressing is that reaction? A bit more..
So much for my speech. Not to mention the Beatitudes.
I was not at all surprised that George W. Bush was reelected president. As I travel the country speaking out against war, injustice and nuclear weapons, I see many people consciously siding with the culture of war, choosing the path of violence, supporting corporate greed, rampant militarism, and global domination. I see many others swept up in the raging current of patriotism. Since most of these people, beginning with the president, claim to be Christian, I am ashamed and appalled that they support war and systemic injustice, that they do it in the name of God, and that they feign fidelity to the nonviolent Jesus who gave his life resisting institutionalized injustice.
I am reminded of Flannery O'Connor's great book, "Wise Blood," where her outrageous character Hazel Motes is so fed up with Christian hypocrisy that he forms his own church, the "Church of Christ without Christ," "where the lame don't walk, the blind don't see, and the dead don't rise." That's where we are headed today.
I used to think these all-American Christians never read the Gospel, that they simply chose not to be authentic disciples of the nonviolent Jesus. Now, alas, I think they have indeed chosen discipleship, but not to the hero of the Gospels, Jesus. Instead, through their actions, they have become disciples of the devout, religious, all-powerful, murderous Pharisees who killed him.The rest of the Story

Bush Did This
by roseeriter Mon Feb 28th, 2005 at 01:56:36 PST
How will Bush take care of the Vets returning home after He has dismantled so many programs that many of these Vets may need now or in the future? These statistics are alarming.
Trauma of Iraq war haunting thousands returning home By William M. Welch, USA TODAYMORGANTOWN, W.Va. -- Jeremy Harrison sees the warning signs in the Iraq war veterans who walk through his office door every day -- flashbacks, inability to relax or relate, restless nights and more.
He recognizes them as symptoms of combat stress because he's trained to, as a counselor at the small storefront Vet Center here run by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. He recognizes them as well because he, too, has faced readjustment in the year since he returned from Iraq, where he served as a sergeant in an engineering company that helped capture Baghdad in 2003.
"Sometimes these sessions are helpful to me," Harrison says, taking a break from counseling some of the nation's newest combat veterans. "Because I deal with a lot of the same problems."
As the United States nears the two-year mark in its military presence in Iraq still fighting a violent insurgency, it is also coming to grips with one of the products of war at home: a new generation of veterans, some of them scarred in ways seen and unseen. While military hospitals mend the physical wounds, the VA is attempting to focus its massive health and benefits bureaucracy on the long-term needs of combat veterans after they leave military service. Some suffer from wounds of flesh and bone, others of emotions and psyche.
These injured and disabled men and women represent the most grievously wounded group of returning combat veterans since the Vietnam War, which officially ended in 1975. Of more than 5 million veterans treated at VA facilities last year, from counseling centers like this one to big hospitals, 48,733 were from the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Of the 244,054 veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan already discharged from service, 12,422 have been in VA counseling centers for readjustment problems and symptoms associated with PTSD. Comparisons to past wars are difficult because emotional problems were often ignored or written off as "combat fatigue" or "shell shock." PTSD wasn't even an official diagnosis, accepted by the medical profession, until after Vietnam.Rest of Article
Bush Cronies are Jew Haters, Gay Baiters and pure BIGOTSby roseeriter Sun Feb 27th, 2005 at 02:57:03 PSTWill the real White House please stand up? Are Republicans playing both sides on everything? The closeted Hate is everywhere, embedded in most of the GOP websites, correspondence etc., And All these guys are connected. Just go through the CPAC sponsor Lists and you'll find all the names, companies intertwined.
They say they are anti gay but how do they explain Gannongate? Read Susan G diaries-SusanG
They say they love seniors but the USA-Next investigation is proving otherwise- Read Bob Brigham diaries-Bob Brignam
They say Israel is our friend and much of what the US is doing in the middle east is for Israel? but read this below. Diaries :: roseeriter's diary ::
A Neo-Nazi and A Nixon Thug Spin a Web of LiesBy William Hare09/12/04
It has bothered Karl Rove from the outset that John Kerry was a decorated Vietnam War hero while his candidate George W. Bush avoided the conflict through his father's string pulling to get him into the "Champagne Unit" of the Texas National Guard. In seeking to negate a potential advantage for Kerry the Bush-Rove team did the natural thing under the circumstances, plunging into the mud and smearing Kerry.
The Bush team found willing participants in John O'Neill and Jerome Corsi, who combined to write Unfit for Command, a tissue of lies designed to discredit Senator Kerry's service record. While the national media, including the New York Times, Washington Post and Newsweek all checked out the allegations described in this so-called book which is actually pig swill written and propagandized by the dry rot of the political world, the "hate at all cost" brigade has eagerly digested every morsel, vaulting a disgrace in print into runaway bestseller status.
O'Neill's recent interview statements have revealed him to be a serial liar. He denied that the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth group with which he was associated had links to the Bush campaign. Bob Perry and T. Boone Pickens are two longtime Texas Republican and Bush supporters, along with others involved, including some of the Swiftboat accusers. O'Neill was again exposed as a blatant liar by denying that he was a Republican active in party circles in his native Houston, where he practices law, presumably with less idealism than the late Clarence Darrow. Media investigation has revealed that he is a solidly active Republican who has contributed $14,000 to candidates in recent years, including Bush's father.
O'Neill leveled one of his strongest criticisms of Kerry in alleging that he lied when he stated he had been in Cambodia at a time when the accuser insisted that American soldiers were not going there. An interview was uncovered in which O'Neill spoke of visiting Cambodia during the same period.
Kerry's accuser sought to make light of how he was recruited into the political side of the Vietnam War picture. Nixon White House operative Charles Colson, who coined the phrase, "When you've got `em by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow" enlisted O'Neill at the behest of Nixon to discredit Kerry after his return from Vietnam duty, when he led the Veterans Against the War organization. When O'Neill, who debated Kerry on a widely discussed episode of the Dick Cavett Show, was reminded of his former activity on Nixon's behalf by George Stephanopoulos, he realized the implications.
His involvement with the discredited former chief executive, who was in his pronounced "dirty tricks" phase prior to ultimate resignation from office, would mark him as an embittered partisan willing to do the bidding of Karl Rove, whose boyhood hero was Richard Nixon. O'Neill laughed nervously and exclaimed, "I'd forgotten about that (the Nixon involvement). I never even told my son about it." The response was hardly credible. Whether or not he told his son was irrelevant; O'Neill remained very much in the Nixon mold.
Right wing apologists have sought to cover up the filth-encased reputation of O'Neill's co-author Jerome Corsi by claiming that he served as an "editor" and was not responsible for any of the content of Unfit for Command. He is clearly co-author with O'Neill and is listed as such.
The same media that four years ago focused on whether Al Gore had the name of the right person he was involved with at FEMA, along with whether he claimed to have invented the Internet, or whether he was really the model for the main character in Love Story has failed to properly focus on one of the major aspects of evaluating the pursuit of O'Neill's Swift Boat colleagues.
A simple Google search under the name Jerome Corsi reveals a treasure trove of information, particularly one productive link through This reputable site has compiled comments of Corsi and others from his Free Republic site. Their discourse reads like a Skinhead seminar. Corsi has revealed himself to be an unmitigated Neo-Nazi bigot with an unquenchable thirst for hateful commentary, with special emphasis on degrading Catholics, Jews and Muslims. The Pope is senile; Catholicism and Islam are routinely referred to as actively condoning "buggery" while Hillary Clinton is a fat lesbian without hair.
Kerry is referred to as a "Jew boy" who cannot be trusted for that reason. While Corsi and his fellow bigots might not deliver "Heil Hitler" invocations, their bilious diatribes against Jews, Muslims and Catholics are delivered in the same strident manner, and with the same focus and venom, as Hitler's declarations in Mein Kampf. This is vitriolic Neo-Nazism in action that is available for immediate viewing. Hopefully some of our mainstream media brothers and sisters will awaken from their naps long enough to have a look.
This information is so readily available that the media's nap is inexcusable and disgusting. This is the quality of individual attacking John Kerry's character.
Supporting Corsi and his depraved site is aging Skinhead Michael Savage, who was recently evicted from the airwaves by MSNBC after he told a homosexual caller to "get aids and die." With Corsi's penchant for hate he undoubtedly wears his Savage endorsement as a badge of honor.
The publisher of this cesspool in print is Regnery. Publisher Alfred Regnery previously published Ann Coulter's early screed demanding Clinton's impeachment and former CIA operative Gary Aldrich's Unlimited Access, which featured outlandish unproven allegations that Bill Clinton while in office snuck away from the White House and the Secret Service in the wee hours of the morning for trysts with women at the nearby Marriott Hotel and that Hillary Clinton decorated the White House Christmas tree with pornographic ornaments.
A pattern is definitely at work. Note how many of the aforementioned individuals hold stridently bigoted views. David Brock wrote that Ann Coulter told him she was eager to abandon her legal practice in New York because the city had "too many Jews." Her views are compatible with those of Corsi, Savage and the officer presiding over the savage beating of an African American.
George W. Bush was the candidate in the 2000 presidential election that pledged to change the tone in Washington from rancor to civility. His linkage to the Machiavellian Karl Rove and his circuit of venomous toadies reduces such a promise to a pathetic sham.
The Rest of the Story

USA Next -a Shill for the Drug Companies
by roseeriter Sat Feb 26th, 2005 at 01:52:22 PST
With reference to this important Kos diaryBlogPAC Intelligence Briefing: USA Next I am adding some more info on why USA Next is a shill and dangerous to its false advertising to Senior Citizens. Their only concern is to protect the drug companies and the money for their stock holders.
James L. Martin is the leader of this pack at
60Plus. Here is some of his rhetoric.
By James L. Martin Like most Americans, I have little patience with busybodies, whether they're nosy neighbors, strangers conducting dinner-hour phone surveys, local police playing "gotcha" with red-light spy cams, or big brother in Washington.
More below the fold Diaries :: roseeriter's diary ::
Because of Washington's awesome power - you don't say "get lost" to the IRS or OSHA investigators when they come calling - government busybodies are the most troubling. That's why every effort should be made to prevent government prying and spying.
That said, we should all offer a hearty "hip, hip hooray" and three cheers for Attorney General John Ashcroft, who has taken on the thankless task of protecting us from the terrorist thugs who wander among us. And if you don't believe they're here - attending college in Kentucky, pumping gas in Pennsylvania, driving cabs in California - you're living in a dream world.
Our mortal enemies are here; they clearly want to harm us; and no one individual has done more to keep us safe than Ashcroft.
The attorney general didn't invite the international terrorists to our shores. Nor did he issue them visas or provide them with money or shelter. But he has done everything within his power - and within the bounds of the Constitution - to keep them off balance and on the run.
Six weeks after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, Congress passed the USA Patriot Act, which provided Ashcroft and other law enforcement officials with an arsenal of new weapons with which to pursue this elusive enemy, including broadened authority to conduct surveillance on U.S. citizens and residents.
James L. Martin, a Marine Corps veteran and self-described "patriot," is president of the 60 Plus Association, a national senior citizens organization. Rest of his Tirade
Then we go here to see who else is behind this anti-seniors group.
Political Operatives at the Helm of USA- United Seniors Association
The strong partisan, political and special interest connections of USA is not surprising given the staff and board of directors, many of whom are prominent GOP political operatives with extensive experience working for candidates, parties and large corporate interests. They include:
USA President and CEO Charles Jarvis served as deputy under secretary at the Department of Interior during the Reagan and Bush administrations. His resume also includes experience as legislative director for Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) and campaign chairman for presidential candidate Gary Bauer.(9) Jarvis was also the executive vice president of Focus on the Family.Craig Shirley, a USA board member, has long been a Republican Party public relations powerhouse. His public relations firm Shirley & Banister Public Affairs currently represents the Republican National Committee (RNC). (10) During the 1984 presidential campaign, he was the director of communications for the National Conservative Political Action Committee, America's largest independent political committee. (11) More recently, he co-founded Conservatives for Effective Leadership, an organization devoted to defeating Hillary Clinton in her Senate bid.(12)The New York Times called USA board member Jack Abramoff "one of the most influential - and, at $500 an hour, best compensated - lobbyists in Washington."(13) The Republican Party has long relied on his fundraising prowess, and can continue to do so, as he recently boasted that he would raise $5 million and personally give $250,000 this election cycle.(14) He was a member of the RNC executive committee from 1981-1985 and in 1985 was executive director of President Ronald Reagan's grassroots lobbying organization, Citizens for America.(15)USA board member Jim Wootton is president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute for Legal Reform where he advocates for tort "reform."(16), a high priority of the drug industry which is increasingly being sued for manufacturing unsafe drugs. During the Reagan Administration he was appointed deputy administrator of the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.(17) In 1986, Wootton was appointed to the Legal Services Corporation as director of policy, communications and legislative affairs. During the 2000 election cycle, PhRMA shoveled $10 million to the Chamber of Commerce to run electioneering ads just before the November election.(18)USA lobbyist David Keene is chairman of the American Conservative Union, the nation's largest conservative grassroots organization. Keene's political background includes work as George Bush's national political director in 1980, political consultant to presidential candidate Bob Dole in 1988 and as an informal advisor to Dole in 1996.(29) Keene is a lobbyist with the Carmen Group and has lobbied for the Air Transport Association, Medstar Health and Northwest Airlines.Beau Boulter, a USA lobbyist, is a former GOP congressman from Texas who served in the House of Representatives from 1985 to 1989. He formerly lobbied for the Carmen Group and represented the Major Medicaid Hospital Coalition, Northwest Airlines and U.S. Bank.Lawyer Curtis Herge, USA's corporate counsel, served as a member of Reagan's Presidential Transition Team. He later held positions as the assistant to the secretary and chief of staff at the Department of the Interior.
USA Next, 60 Plus and United Seniors Association do not care about seniors. They only shill for the Drug Companies and that is why they are targeting AARP.
George Bush Hates Social Security, Affordable Drugs and Seniors.
More GOPUSA connections-? Richard M. Scaife?by roseeriter Fri Feb 25th, 2005 at 03:27:19 PSTRemember that Scaife name?
It's pretty obvious to most of us that the GOP WEB is humungous to say the least.
We know that Gannon is/was a shill for GOPUSA and Talon News. We now know that GOPUSA is a shill for the Heritage Foundation, etc. and Ted Morgan is the computer geek behind CPAC's and Heritage foundation websites *see below whois info. I mention Ted just to show how people from different groups are working for each other. Bruce Eberle is connected to both which has been mentioned in many diaries.
Also please note Hathaway as the DNS part of Heritage Foundation website.
You may recall the Hathaway Group from this diary Voting Fraud Links at Hathaway?Diaries :: roseeriter's diary :: There's more... (10 comments, 1362 words in story)

Karl Rove and Eric Dezenhall-PR and Spin
by roseeriter Thu Feb 24th, 2005 at 11:27:43 PST
These guys are friends. Eric worked in the Reagan White House as "D.C. damage control guru" and media person.
He is also a Sponsor of CPAC- CPAC Sponsors which means he is still very active in D.C. He has written several novels with homosexual characters. He says he's married but my Gadar Is on with this guy.
I also think he is the 'indirect' Gannon and Rove Link. This is a hunch and I would like some help with the search.
Eric just gave a DC party as reported Feb 8th here- Read complete article Party Link
More Bruce Eberleby roseeriter Thu Feb 24th, 2005 at 03:02:09 PSTMore players to expand Gannon connections. RedDan of Kos posted this list a few days ago PropaGannon: Eberle-Norquist-Rove
I want to pursue some of these other players but aside from Eberle, Rove and Liddy I haven't seen much on the other 'players'. If I've missed them please leave the links in the comments. It is so hard to stay on top of all the diaries on this topic.
The GOPUSA "Christmas Card" page offers thanks to these individuals:
I'd also like to send a special thank you to all those who personally provided me with their assistance, guidance, and friendship, including Kathleen Eberle, Bruce Eberle, Mike Hiban, Don Stewart, Paul Teller, Tim Goeglein, Stuart Richens, Matt Smith, Jen Ohman, Bob Johnson, Liz Sheld, Julie Cram, Phillip Stutts, Chuck Muth, Grover Norquist, Karl Rove, and G. Gordon Liddy.LINK
There are some NEW names in this list that we need to investigate.Diaries :: roseeriter's diary :: There's more... (12 comments, 730 words in story)

Bobby Eberle and Mark Centofante- Curiosity?
by roseeriter Wed Feb 23rd, 2005 at 02:26:03 PST
This is so weird. I am not google savvy and would appreciate any techies to try and follow this and maybe offer an explanation.
I was going through the Leadership Institute website LINK and came across this guy Mark Centofante Vice President of Programs and Technology
Mark Centofante has been with the Leadership Institute since 1995. His past positions at the Leadership Institute include: Assistant Director of Employment Placement Services, Director of Operations and Director of Management Information Systems. In July of 2000 he was promoted to the newly established office of Vice President of Technology and Operations and in October of 2003 he became the Vice President of Programs and Technology.Mark And on a whim googled him and Jeff Gannon because both were Marines.
This is what I got:
GOOGLE LINK Daily Kos :: Robert 'Bobby' Eberle II -age 36- History and BIO ... Jeff Gannon [since 2003-06-23] on FR Notice URL of TALON NEWS ... UPDATE PROHIBITED Registrant ID:ODN-396437 Registrant Name:Mark Centofante Registrant Organization ...

Voting Fraud Links at Hathaway Group?
by roseeriter Tue Feb 22nd, 2005 at 03:19:18 PST
Check these links I found in The Hathaway Group website. This Company makes and designs the software for many RNC 'companies.'
Internet Voting Using Tech To Fix Elections: Part Two, Linux Insider (6/6/2004) LINK
E-Voting Woes Prompt Virginia Study, (5/24/2004) LINKDiaries :: roseeriter's diary :: There's more...

GOPUSA is A Shill for Rove/Bush
by roseeriter Tue Feb 22nd, 2005 at 02:24:45 PST
In my investigative travels I found this.
"Each Wednesday Rove dispatches a top administration official to attend the regular conservative-coalition lunches held at Paul Weyrich's Free Congress Foundation. When activists call his office with a problem, Rove doesn't pass them off to an aide. He often responds himself. When Weyrich heard a few weeks ago that Bush's budget slashed funding for a favorite project called the Police Corps, which gives scholarships and training to police cadets, he complained to the White House. To Weyrich's surprise, Rove called back. "We've taken care of it," Rove said. "The problem is solved." Weyrich, who says his memos to the Reagan and Bush Sr. White Houses were rarely read, was impressed. "That," he gushes, "is what it means to have friends in the White House."Diaries :: roseeriter's diary :: There's more...

UPDATED-Outside the Beltway for WH Gannon-Connections
by roseeriter Mon Feb 21st, 2005 at 02:23:07 PST
This site is a treasure trove of information!
At the bottom of his site he lists his News Sources- They are across the board-mainstream and Right wing.
It connects to a 'personal diary' kind of reporting. Whoever this guy is (Walter Storch)he KNOWS lots of the players.
Have Fun- This is It!
What is TBRnews?
TBRnews is a compendium of political articles, many gathered from prestigious foreign sources as well as from American news web postings. The name, TBRnews, originally came from the Barnes Review magazine and the site began as a listing of historical books.
Under different management, it eventually progressed to a twice-weekly posting covering national and international news.
We have been accused of being neo-Nazis, Communists, anti-Semites, Christian haters, certainly not Bush friendly and guilty of treason, aggravated mopery, theft of mattress tags from cheap motels, chronic jaywalking and disturbers of the political peace.
I run this site all by myself with a little help from various friends, both inside and outside of the Beltway.
The articles not otherwise credited are usually written by myself although I do not take credit for them. The articles speak for themselves and I do not believe in beating my own drum as so many other journalists seem to enjoy doing. The message is always important; not so the messenger.
I try to answer reasonable mail and encourage the reading public to submit articles of interest. I am known to publish pieces that I do not personally agree with but which I feel are well-written and worth reading.
Contrary to the hysterical views of rabid trailer park Bush supporters, I was not suckled by a werewolf and I am not a member of the far left. In point of fact, I am a very disillusioned moderate Republican whose family were bankers, brokers and CEOs of various nice companies.
There does not seem to be much moderation left after the Bush people finished polarizing the electorate.
The conclusions are obvious here.
Walter StorchThe Truth Seeker
This guy is telling us everything. The clues are enormous. We need to read between the lines and connect the dots.
He seems to know the closeted gays in the WH and GOP party.
This isn't meant to out anyone, but could give us many links to Gannon and Rove and the rest of the LIES.A Snippet:
During the middle of March, 2003, tbrnews received an email from a man who claimed to be a mid-level executive with a major American television network. He stated in this, and subsequent, emails that he was in possession of “thousands” of pages of in-house memos sent from his corporate headquarters in New York City to the head of the network’s television news department. He went on to say that these memos set forth directives about what material was, and was not, to be aired on the various outlets of the network.
This individual claimed he was developing serious doubts about the strict control of media events and decided that he would pass this material along to someone who might make use of it.
There was the question of his job security. If someone published his name, it would be certain he was not only fired but blackballed throughout his profession.
If would agree to protect his identity, he would send us these alleged thousands of pages of notes, going back to 2001.
The proof of the pudding is in the eating so we accepted his caveats and he then sent to us by disk the pages he spoke of. All are on corporate stationary, signed or initialed by the senders and again, signed or initialed by the recipients in the news division.LINK Another Snippet
"At some time in the past, according to both [redacted] and [redacted] the President suffered what one of his aides called "a very minor seizure" and as a result of this, the President has a very difficult time following any unscripted conversations.
"The President takes oral medication at least twice a day according to [redacted] because of an unspecified "indisposition' and this subject is strictly off limits for any casual staff conversation."
"At one point during a staff conference, the President stood up and began to speak in an unknown language. Mr. Rove was able to stop the President and get him to resume his seat. It was reported by [redacted] that for a period of time (about fifteen minutes) after this incident, the President appeared to be 'somewhat confused and very inarticulate.'"I remember lots of us wondering about a stroke during one of the debates. Another snippet:
I have seen a partial list and it reads like the DC social register, believe me! This enterprising young man is very liable to end up at the bottom of the Potomac River just like ex-CIA chief Bill Colby who was terminated by his former employees because he just couldn’t keep his mouth shut about certain things. I won’t have old Bill’s problem because I am not a Princeton man and even you don’t know who I am. You had the intestinal fortitude to print the material about the planned Iranian attack and maybe you will do the same with this one. I know a number of people inside the Beltway read your site…and loathe you…and if they read this and are closet queens, the sale of dignity pants will soar in the next few weeks. My, my, such lovely names! The Washington Times did a front page story on this joker some time back, by the way, but no one dared to touch him because of what, and whom, he knew…and serviced…”
In my second-to-last communication I talked about a male ”escort service” [read gay brothel] operating in DC for the edification of the very senior Beltway people. I have, locked up in my office safe, copies of the credit card receipts with names, card numbers and signatures of: two Supreme Court and one Appellate Court judges {Have you heard about the two judges who tried each other?} eight Senators, five Congressmen, two former and one current White House aides, [the latter a very senior policy-maker] a number of very prominent DC lawyers, several senior members of the RNC, four general officers and one Admiral, three of whom are still on active duty [one in the Pentagon], five local newspapermen, eight ministers, high level employees of: State Department, Commerce Department, Justice Department, HEW Department, DC police department, NSA, DIA, and most especially, a number of pundits from Georgetown University and a nice collection of CIA people. The proprietor of this stud farm was one Todd Blodgett and there was a front-page story on one of his male whore establishments in the Washington Times. Blodgett was a Reagan White House aide, was fired from both the WH and later, the RNC, for aggressive homosexual behavior and then tossed out of the University Club in DC.
Information that has been kept very quiet at the highest levels would indicate that George W. Bush was heavily involved with gay groups while at Yale, had a significant affair with another man while at HBS, was a "very close friend" of a black drag queen and, according to three different inside sources, is no more a Pentecostal Christian than Saddam Hussein.
The sex material about our pure, God-intoxicated President, comes from one arrest report and several "counseling" reports now sequestered (by order of Karl Rove) at Yale (Bush's records there have been sealed) There is the temptation to run with this but there at least has to be something factual here. The Republicans are trying to plant obvious lies on everyone in the hopes that others like the nutty Rather will take them up and make Bush look like a wonderful but persecuted man. According to one report, made long before Bush was Governor of Texas, he could not have any kind of sex with women unless at least half drunk and was a practicing advocate of physical abuse. He likes to beat people, according to this. But not be beaten in return. Some of this is not only difficult to believe but downright repulsive. “Caligula’ is not that far off the mark when applied to our sainted leader. You can see small traces of these accusations if you talk with Bush for any length of time. He has succumbed entirely to the outrageous flattery his staff smears him with and he now really believes that he is always right and that anyone who dares to contradict him is guilty of treason! Or sedition! I have actually heard him say that and, of course, his nodding and sucking staff goes right along with him. “Oh yes, Mr. President! How wonderfully clear, Mr. President! You are always right, Mr. President! Certainly, Mr. President; your enemies are enemies of America!” Bush cannot, or will not, read any current news, not even well-crafted intelligence reports, and refuses to listen to any kind of criticism and the White House has assumed the oppressive, hothouse atmosphere of a Byzantine imperial court at its worst.LINK and this Link

UPDATE!! Rove- Bush-Bruce Eberle Blackmail Connection
by roseeriter Sun Feb 20th, 2005 at 03:43:02 PST
In the police reports you will see the name Omega Publishing Co. In my last quote box you will find a Omega Company listing for Bobby Eberle. A variation of the name but a publishing company.
It involves allegations of President Bush, drugs, obstruction of justice and corporate scandal. It raises questions about why Bush's driver license number was changed.
In the book Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and the Making of an American President author J.H. Hatfield charges that President Bush was arrested in 1972 for cocaine possession and that Bush's father George Sr. used his political connections to have his son's record expunged.
Soon after publication, Hatfield's credibility was challenged. He had been convicted in 1988 for hiring a hit-man in a failed attempt to kill his boss and had served five years in prison.
J.H. Hatfield died of an alleged suicide in July 2001.
This is how the story goes: Four years ago St. Martins Press published a book by author James H. Hatfield called Fortunate Son. It is about the life of George W. Bush.
In the book, Hatfield charges that Bush was arrested in 1972 for cocaine possession. Why wasn't the future President charged? Hatfield writes that Bush's father used his political connections to have his son's record expunged.
Soon after publication of Fortunate Son the Dallas Morning News received information about Hatfield's criminal past. The media jumped all over it and Hatfield's reputation and credibility were ruined.
St. Martins Press promised to turn Fortunate Son into "furnace fodder." It withdrew 70,000 copies from bookshelves and destroyed them. But a small publisher Soft Skull Press reprinted the book with the banner "The Book They Burned is Back."
Hatfield had previously refused to reveal the source of his information about Bush's alleged cocaine arrest. He now to decided to name him. He claimed it was none other than Karl Rove Bush's closest political adviser.
If Rove did indeed leak the information, he couldn't have leaked it to a better subject. Soon after publication of the Fortunate Son, Hatfield's credibility came under fierce attack.
The media followed the trail laid out for them. They diverted inquiries about Bush's drug history to stories about Hatfield's checkered past. He lost two other book contracts and faced financial ruin and obscurity.
The character assassination finally took its toll. In July 2001, Hatfield was found dead of an apparent suicide in a hotel room in Springdale, Arkansas. He was 43 years old. Police said he left notes for his family and friends that listed alcohol, financial problems and Fortunate Son as reasons for killing himself. He is survived by a wife and daughter.LINK From here I found this site that includes Hatfield's suicide notes. Go to the Police Report and the credit card records. Police Records
The Bushes are people who do not play by the rules, they do not believe the rules of common people apply to them. They are Nietzchean supermen in their own minds, amoral, sociopathic. And as they pulled the wool over the eyes of more conventional minds, Jim Hatfield could see right through them. He was onto them in large part because he too had the capacity to think outside the margins of "normality" that inhibit most people to a greater or lesser extent.
There was an affinity there, sort of a prince-and-pauper identity that is endlessly fascinating to me. In the end Jim succeeded, in a sense, because he created a legend. He was one of those enigmatic, fascinating characters who had the capacity to take risks and to step beyond the boundaries of convention that protect most of us and keep us stuck in our lives of quiet desperation. He, on the other hand, was a flash across the sky and then gone, but not to be forgotten.More
Lou knows about several smoldering scandals from the Bush governorship, the details of some of which are only now emerging or being submerged. How Rove often launched FBI investigations on people his candidate was running against. How he hides the dirt on Bush as governor by scuttling the candidacy of a clean Independent for Attorney General. I'm newly inspired to research Rove and pull out the truth from this diseased body of American politics. Rove is a telling symbol.
Lou told me something great about Rove. Lou spoke publicly about Rove at a liberal think tank's seminar and joked about the possibility of someone monitoring him from Rove's camp. Lou later got a note that said, "Hi Lou" and in so many words, said Yes, we are. We're out here. We're watching. How many other people have gotten creepy notices of surveillance from Rove? Someone should document them all. I'll do it.
Although this investigation has to conclude that Hatfield most likely committed suicide alone, the two years that lead up to this were not all Hatfield's doing. At lunch with Lou, I practiced telling Jim's story without the tangents: Rove set Hatfield up and then Rove broke him. The blood of a good writer is on his hands.LINK And a summary
This is the Rove hold on Bush.
There are some interesting hints in the police report. Now that Gannongate is in MSM it may be time to bring this incident back into the forefront. What bigger blackmail motive than an untimely death?
Bruce W. Eberle and his wife Kathi started Bruce W. Eberle & Associates, Inc. in 1974, operating out of 150 square feet in the basement of their home. In 1986 BWE&A became a part of the Eberle Direct Marketing Group, Inc., the predecessor to the Eberle Communications Group, which today includes Bruce W. Eberle & Associates, Omega List Company, Kaleidoscope Publishing, Ltd., Fund Raising Strategies, Inc., Campaign Funding Direct, Inc., and The ECG corporate headquarters is located in McLean, Virginia. Bruce not only serves as ECG President, but also as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bruce W. Eberle & Associates, Inc. and as President of Fund Raising Strategies, Inc.LINK
What do Political Strategists have in Common?by roseeriter Fri Feb 18th, 2005 at 04:44:45 PSTScandals. They help create them, market them and some fall from them.
Karl Rove, Lee Atwater, Arthur Finkelstein, Roger J. Stone, Paul Rolf Jensen, Mark McKinnon and Dick Morris to name a few of the more notable Political Strategists.
Some of these men keep switching political parties, chasing the money is my guess, or are they running from personal scandals?Diaries :: roseeriter's diary :: There's more... (2 comments, 319 words in story)

Human Events and Talon News
by roseeriter Thu Feb 17th, 2005 at 07:20:53 PST
I'll try again. My Gannon, Ari, Human Events earlier diary seems to have been poohed poohed this morning. I am not an investigative reporter or have any legit credentials, but I do have a Gut-Instinct that has worked well for me over the years. I am convinced that Gannon is connected to Human Events. Diaries :: roseeriter's diary :: There's more... (3 comments, 1 new, 216 words in story)

Gannon, Ari and Human Events?by roseeriter Thu Feb 17th, 2005 at 03:34:40 PSTI think the Gannon-connection has something to do with "Human Events"- It's a bit of a stretch but here's a clue:
Serving cake to reporters, Fleischer singled out HUMAN EVENTS' John Gizzi, whom, he told the guests, "I have known longer than any other reporter except one other." Gizzi and Fleischer met in 1984, when Gizzi wrote about some of the candidates Fleischer worked for that year. The only White House reporter Fleischer has known longer, he said, is Adam Nagourney of the New York Times. Nagourney covered the first race Fleischer worked on: Republican Jon Fossel's 1982 challenge to then-Rep. Dick Ottinger (D.-N.Y).Link Diaries :: roseeriter's diary :: There's more... (9 comments, 436 words in story)

Bye Bye Jeff with Poll (pardon the pun)
by roseeriter Wed Feb 16th, 2005 at 02:41:44 PST
'Jeff Gannon' Signs Off: Tells E&P He'll No Longer Talk to Press
NEW YORK James D. Guckert, the former White House reporter who's been accused of everything from asking partisan questions to being a male prostitute, is no longer speaking to the press, claiming it does not help his cause, he told E&P this morning.
"I talked to attorneys, and I am no longer talking to anyone [in the press] anymore," said Guckert, who has used the alias Jeff Gannon. "It doesn't seem to clarify anything any longer. Everything I say, people start a new conspiracy theory. I am not going to answer any more questions. It seems to distract from what is really going on."Diaries :: roseeriter's diary :: There's more... (7 comments, 261 words in story)

3rd Divorce Final for Rush
by roseeriter Wed Feb 16th, 2005 at 02:17:51 PST
Gotta Love the conservative values!!
Rush Limbaugh's divorce has been "signed and sealed" in a Florida courthouse, the Palm Beach Daily News reports.
The popular radio host returns to bachelor status after ending his marriage with his third wife, Marta.
Marta, 45, a former aerobics instructor, had been married to the country's most famous radio host for 10 years. She will return to using her former name, Marta Maranda, and no longer use the Limbaugh name.Diaries :: roseeriter's diary :: There's more... (23 comments, 157 words in story)

Bobby Eberle, the Mystery Man Behind the Talon
by roseeriter Tue Feb 15th, 2005 at 02:41:10 PST
Next concentration area.
The Puppeteer of the White House Propaganda Gay Escort Apparently Dabbled in Publishing Anti-Semitism Commentary Too: Bobby Eberle, the Mystery Man Behind the Talon White House News ServiceJeff is the small potato. It's time to work our way up. Diaries :: roseeriter's diary :: There's more... (4 comments, 390 words in story)

FEC Considering New Rules On Internet
by roseeriter Mon Feb 14th, 2005 at 06:23:51 PST
CSPAN-Washington Journal has been talking a lot about bloggers and their new role and power in reporting the news
This morning the news reported that the FCC is considering new rules on internet posting of political issues. You may want to check out what this all about, and I think it will set the blogosphere on fire. They are talking about tracking emails etc. Welcome BIG BROTHER.Diaries :: roseeriter's diary :: There's more... (59 comments, 88 words in story)

P.R.'s Bad Press
by roseeriter Sun Feb 13th, 2005 at 04:51:35 PST
NYT is reporting this in the Business section this morning.
Spinning Frenzy: P.R.'s Bad Press
FOR years, Armstrong Williams, co-founder of Graham Williams Group, a public relations agency in Washington, has catered to clients in politics, business and entertainment. His partner at the agency is Stedman Graham, the boyfriend of Oprah Winfrey. Mr. Williams is also a popular and ubiquitous political commentator, advocating individual accountability and ethical rectitude as a leading African-American conservative.NYT Article
White Supremacists Making A Move?by roseeriter Sun Feb 13th, 2005 at 02:42:35 PSTWe've seen the rise of many extreme political groups finding their voice again since Bush has been in the White House. And now some White Supremacists are also braving their re-entry back into the 'main-stream.' While we scurry from one moral outrage to the next, the neo-nazis are finding a foot hold. I wonder if the lawlessness of the Patriot Act is a call to arms for them? Ads In Mainstream New Marketing Alarms Groups
February 13, 2005 By STEPHANIE SIMON, Los Angeles Times ST. LOUIS --
White supremacist groups around the country are moving aggressively to recruit new members by promoting their violent, racist ideologies on billboards, in radio commercials and in leaflets tossed on suburban driveways.
Watching with mounting alarm, civil rights monitors say these tactics stake out a much bolder, more public role for many hate groups, which are trying to shed their image as shadowy extremists and claim more mainstream support.
Watchdog groups fear increased violence from these organizations as they grow. But perhaps an even greater fear is that the new public relations strategy will let neo-Nazis recast themselves as just another voice on the political spectrum - even when that voice might be advocating genocide.
"The concern is that this will bring them new members and money, and that they will get some real traction in mainstream politics," said Mark Potok, who tracks hate groups for the Southern Poverty Law Center. "We are completely in favor of the First Amendment. [But] they poison the public discourse with ideas like Jews are behind it all and need killing."
The National Alliance, which calls for ridding the land of minorities, has led the drive to raise the profile of white supremacists. The local chapter spent $1,500 on MetroLink ads in St. Louis last month, plastering nearly every commuter train car in the city with a blue-and-white placard declaring, "The Future belongs to us!" and listing the group's website and phone number. The same chapter bought airtime on local talk radio last fall, urging whites to unite and fight for the survival of "white America."
"We want to use mainstream advertising to say to the public: `We're not a shadowy group. This is what we believe in, and we're proud of it,'" said chapter leader Aaron Collins. "We're trying to give people courage. We want to show them, if you stand up for what you believe in, you're not going to be crucified."
Other chapters of the National Alliance have posted billboards in Utah, Nevada and Florida. The group also has coordinated massive leaflet drops, distributing 100,000 racist fliers in a single night in states regionally as diverse as New Jersey, Alabama and Nebraska.
The National Alliance even bought a membership list and mailing labels from the Florida Bar Association last year so it could send an eight-page recruitment letter, complete with anti-Semitic cartoons, to 2,500 criminal defense lawyers.
"If we had the money to advertise during the Super Bowl, we'd try that, too," said Shaun Walker, the organization's chief operating officer.
Civil rights monitors consider the National Alliance, which was founded in the 1970s, one of the most virulent neo-Nazi organizations in the country. Its late founder, William Pierce, called for herding Jews and "race mixers" into cattle cars and abandoning them in old coal mines.
And although the group's website says it "does not advocate any illegal activity," National Alliance members have been convicted of scattered acts of violence over the last two decades, including armed robberies, bombings and murders. The FBI's senior counterterrorism expert told Congress in 2002 that the National Alliance represented a "terrorist threat."
"They clearly have a track record of encouraging members to take their vision of race war to the streets," said Devin Burghart, who monitors hate groups for the Center for New Community in Chicago.
Public outreach is not new for white-supremacist groups. The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan have been picking up litter for Missouri's Adopt-a-Highway program for years. But hate-group monitors say the latest recruitment campaigns are much broader than any they've seen before.
Neo-Nazi organizations are not only putting up billboards, they're also instructing members to hide their tattoos and dress for rallies in conservative suits to avoid being dismissed as extremists. Thomas Robb, the national director of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, urges his members to serve on community boards and in political parties so they can push their agenda from positions of social respect.
"I encourage them to do that, absolutely," Robb said. "Though it has to be done gently."
The National Alliance, meanwhile, is increasingly tailoring its leaflets to current events. Local members seize on any racial tensions in their community as an excuse to blanket the area with articles explaining the white-power worldview.
Although no one offers hard numbers, white supremacists contend - and their sharpest critics agree - that the recruitment strategy is working.
Bush's war on terrorism around the world may spurn a renewed rise of home grown terrorists by its on-going divisive policies. The Violence with no repercussions will breed more violence.
The War in Iraq has created a desensitized society and world that we seem helpless to stop- Iran, North Korea and now America.
The Enemy within may be far more dangerous than any 'perceived' enemy outside.

Rove appears before grand jury
by roseeriter Sat Feb 12th, 2005 at 02:24:22 PST
The Plame Probe is starting to be reported. I wonder why?
From Cnn's Law Center
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush's chief political strategist appeared Friday in front of a grand jury looking into who leaked the name of a covert CIA agent.
After his testimony, Karl Rove declined to comment as security guards whisked him away.
Federal prosecutors have been trying to determine whether a crime was committed when someone released the identity of Valerie Plame to the news media. President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of State Colin Powell have also been interviewed, though none was summoned before the grand jury, according to The Associated Press.Diaries :: roseeriter's diary :: There's more... (1 comment, 464 words in story)

Gonzales steps aside from CIA leak probe
by roseeriter Sat Feb 12th, 2005 at 02:13:31 PST
How convenient is this? We knew he was the wrong man for the job. We sure could use Janet Reno right now.
CNN reports:
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has stepped aside from the Justice Department investigation into the leak of an undercover CIA officer's identity.
Gonzales had been involved in the case as White House legal counsel, testifying before a federal grand jury and giving advice about it to White House personnel.Diaries :: roseeriter's diary :: There's more... (2 comments, 290 words in story)

Karl Rove Linked to Gannon Story?
by roseeriter Fri Feb 11th, 2005 at 05:50:36 PST
Found this on Americablog this morning
Karl Rove Linked to Gannon Story? by Rob in Baltimore - 2/11/2005 09:45:00 AM
So just how close is Karl Rove to this story? Well, here's a little tidbit. In an article titled "Freewheeling 'bloggers' are rewriting rules of journalism" (USA Today, December 30, 2003), Kathy Kiely writes:Diaries :: roseeriter's diary :: There's more... (30 comments, 161 words in story)

It's Karl Rove- He's played US as FOOLS
by roseeriter Thu Feb 10th, 2005 at 03:32:50 PST
Karl Rove needs to be arrested for TREASON. He is behind EVERYTHING!
Rove is probably the most powerful unelected person in American history.
Here are some telling snippets that relate to so many of the Diaries on the board today. These were taken from Bush's Brain, the book.
Now, on the other side of this message, in terms of national security, Karl will have the President say we've made some progress in the war on terrorism, but it's not over. This is an ongoing war. And we resolved the whole mess with Saddam Hussein, but there are other dangers out there. And whatever you do, you shouldn't change your Commander in Chief in the middle of a war.
I believe completely that it's possible, if the President is politically on the ropes late next summer or early next fall, that there will be a military incursion into Syria, or they will say that there are hidden weapons of mass destruction there, or there are some Iraqi leaders in Syria. Or they will go into Pakistan. And they will suggest that bin Laden is in a compound in Karachi. Or they will go into Iran, and they will suggest that too many Shiites have been crossing over from Iran into Southern Iraq, and they're creating an unstable situation in Southern Iraq, so they're going after Shiite leadership in Iran. It's all going to be positioned as unfinished business. And why would you bring a new CEO in to finish out the business when you got the guy in there who started it?
Regarding the Press
The President is oblivious, and chooses to stay oblivious, to the things that Karl does, and the contradictions about morality that Karl does. The whole concept, and it works in all of his campaigns, is the candidate or the officeholder takes the high road -- talks policy, talks moral clarity, and honor, and principle -- while the operative does all the dirty work down in the ditch, and splashes the mud, and spreads the scurrilous smears and rumors and whisper campaigns that have the desired political effect to keep the candidate elected.
There are a few ways Rove might have planned to exact his revenge. He could have made calls himself, to high profile reporters, or ordered staffers and political intermediaries to contact journalists with the authorization that they were speaking for "senior White House officials." Not surprisingly, "senior White House official" is Rove's nickname among many reporters because Rove asks that the description be used virtually every time he talks to a reporter. It enables him to get out his perspective, and White House spin, without giving away his identity, and self-serving agenda. Historically, Rove has been very adept at keeping a layer of denial, and other operatives, between himself and his political misdeeds. This means there is a strong possibility that a lower-level staffer will end up taking the blame for the leak.
And I also think it's possible that Karl is pathological.
He wanted things simple. He wanted them black and white. And he's found a President who thinks the same way. And unfortunately, life is not lived in the black-and-white zones. It's lived in the gray zones. And this President and Karl don't acknowledge that the gray zones exist.
They have a 24-hour machine that attacks. And it's constantly staffed and it intimidates and it distracts. It uses head fakes.
They play this game of access. They know very well that once a reporter loses his or her access to the White House, their job is gone. And so the reporter is sort of intimidated into not asking these kinds of tough questions. This is a game that they perfected here in Texas. As a matter of fact, in 1994, when he was running for governor for the first time against Ann Richards, I was panelist in his broadcast debate. And I was the first person in his life to ask him the question, particularly in public -- how he got into the Texas Air National Guard when there a hundred thousand young men on waiting lists around the country that ranged from three to five years.
What Karl does to achieve his goals in terms of the candidates he's worked for is unscrupulous. He thinks nothing of slandering people. He is a rumor mongerer. He has allegedly used law enforcement personnel to undercut his opponents. How is that balanced, do you think, in his own mind? That the means, even if illegal or skirting at the edge of the law, don't matter as long as you achieve your ends? Clearly, there's a lot of moral relativism going on there because he doesn't have any compunction about starting a whispering campaign against John McCain in South Carolina, claiming that he has a black child, and he wasn't really a war hero and so forth. And yet Bush and Rove and the White House espouse these absolute, moral values.
Regarding the Media - Karl plays into the Dumbing Down of America
But Karl's method for governance, which he has gotten this President to use very effectively, is completely cynical and it's based on the whole idea that we are all too busy to pay attention to the details of what's going on. We're all running around worrying about our mortgages and our 401Ks, and getting the kids to school or daycare, and picking up the dry cleaning, and planning vacation or retirement, that we don't read deeply into the story.
He once told a consultant that we interviewed for "Bush's Brain" that you should run every political campaign as though people are watching television with the sound turned down. And toward that end, you rely heavily on imagery and not very much on substance, knowing that if the President is photographed in a school of minority and ethnic children, and is interested in their future in that particular photo op, that people will trust that image. And they don't go beyond that image to look at his policy, which is signing the "Leave No Child Behind Act" in a big, high-profile moment with Senator Ted Kennedy, and then gutting the heart out of that bill with the funding that he offers up for it.
The President has become very good at these phony linkages. For instance, you'll see him running around talking about the tax bill, saying we need to get it passed so that we can create jobs for people. Factually, this tax bill -- there's not an economist in America or a successful business person, Warren Buffet among them, who believes that getting rid of the taxation of dividends is going to create jobs anytime in the near future, and ostensibly in the long term. But if the President says it over and over enough, people will believe it, just as Karl Rove got him to say over and over that Saddam Hussein was involved in 9/11.
There is so much more about Karl Rove as the Master Puppeteer. This sick, evil man has used the Bush's to literally FUCK America and the World.
So What do we do about this? It has been swept under the carpet for TOO DAMN LONG!! All this information is out there. We all have been scurrying from one crisis to the next at this Sick Man's Bidding!

Karl Rove's Head on a Platter Part 2
by roseeriter Wed Feb 9th, 2005 at 01:47:44 PST
I strongly feel Karl Rove is responsible for more than just getting Bush elected and re-elected. I am going to try to prove that Karl's influence on Georgie and other's in the administration is the root of so much of the Dark Side of the current political atmosphere.
This diary series started with my diary from yesterday I Want Karl Rove's Head on a PlatterBrief Background.Karl Rove was born on December 25, 1950 (Definitely the anti-christ. Sorry couldn't resist.)
Childhood Summary
Rove's family life as a child sounds fairly dismal. His father, a mineral geologist, was gone from home for long stretches, and finally walked out for good on Christmas Eve, 1969, which was also the eve of Karl's 19th birthday. A few years earlier, the family had uprooted from Nevada and moved to Salt Lake City just as Karl was entering high school.
Diaries :: roseeriter's diary :: There's more... (1 comment, 667 words in story)

I Want Karl Rove's Head (on a platter)
by roseeriter Tue Feb 8th, 2005 at 09:42:05 PST
Until Bush came on to the political scene and won in 2000, I had never heard of Karl Rove. But he has been around for some time doing his dirty-work in other presidential administrations. Please indulge me if you've been there and done that as I haven't. I think there may be other newbie's unsavvy about Rove. My instincts are telling me that he has his 'poweful' hands on more strings than justas Bush's mouth-piece. I see a real dark side to this man.
Exposing Karl Roveby WAYNE MADSEN
He's America's Joseph Goebbels. As a 21-year old Young Republican in Texas, Karl Rove not only pimped for Richard Nixon's chief political dirty tricks strategist Donald Segretti but soon caught the eye of the incoming Republican National Committee Chairman, George H. W. Bush. Rove's dirty tricks on behalf of Nixon's 1972 campaign catapulted Rove onto the national stage. From his Eagle's Nest in the West Wing of the White House, Rove now directs a formidable political dirty tricks operation and disinformation mill.
Diaries :: roseeriter's diary :: There's more...

More Sex, Torture and Lies=Karl Rove??
by roseeriter Tue Feb 8th, 2005 at 02:19:15 PST
I just read the diary here about female soldiers mud wrestling etc.LINK
Then I see this updated article about torture and sodomy of Kuwait prisoners here:LINK
Is the US military now the safe haven for sexual deviants? Since the Catholic Church outed many pediphiles and sexual predators are these sicko's now joing the military?Diaries :: roseeriter's diary :: There's more... (226 words in story)

Former Bushite says-Let's Not Make the Same Mistakes in Iran
by roseeriter Mon Feb 7th, 2005 at 12:19:11 PST
What does this guy know that we don't know? He left the Bush administration a year ago.
One year ago I told the Senate Armed Services Committee that I had concluded "we were almost all wrong" at the time of the Iraq war about that country's activities with regard to weapons of mass destruction -- and never more wrong than in the assessment that Iraq had a resurgent program on the verge of producing nuclear weapons. I testified about what I saw as the major reasons we got it so wrong, and I urged the establishment of an independent commission to examine this failure and begin the long-overdue process of adjusting our intelligence capabilities to the new national security environment we face. It is an environment dominated by too-easy access to weapons of mass destruction capabilities and to the means of concealing such capabilities from international inspection and national intelligence agencies.
Diaries :: roseeriter's diary :: There's more...

Political Malaise
by roseeriter Sun Feb 6th, 2005 at 04:54:56 PST
It just dawned on me that whatever one calls the Bush/Rove political control program, it works.
Even here at Kos where almost everyone is savvy about the political climate, we 'go with the flow.'
What happened to the Iraq War? Bush pulls off his pseudo vote for democracy and that's the end of the outrage on the war.
What happened to the Gonzales outrage? He gets voted in- end of torture outrage.
So on we go to the next serious issue- Social Security? Iran? Will our outrage disappear as soon as the Republicans do what they want? Problem solved?
We, like those on the Right, get thrown a `concern', get all up in arms; Bush-Daddy 'concludes' the issue and poof it disappears from the main stream.
Have we all succumbed to the spur of the moment collective problem way of solving the issues for good or for bad? Have we all been Dumbed Down to the point that if one Rants and Raves we've done our job? And then gallantly go on to the next 'moral outrage' feeling satisfied that we did all we could do? Are our hands that tied?
I am sensing a serious complacency problem and beginning to notice it on this blog. It may be just my personal ongoing disappointment and sense of helplessness but I feel it is deeper than just the obvious lull. Maybe as Democrats we have been so beaten down the past six years that our battle cries are still weak and we are battle weary. Maybe also the reason there are so many repetitve diaries.
I hope I am just suffering a temporary political malaise and that we are accomplishing more here than just sharing rants and raves, cheers and jeers, news and defeats.
Would appreciate some political encouragement. I truly hope I am wrong and am in a personal funk.

Truth in Consequences
by roseeriter Sat Feb 5th, 2005 at 02:37:08 PST
We have lost Free Speech, the right to assemble, etc. When do we stop this insanity? I say it is time to riot and rebel before we are forced to where a Scarlet "D" on our foreheads.
I don't know if this is old news but it is NEWS to me and I am almost at the snapping point.
The Scourge of Her Conviction
Activist Elena Sassower annoyed congress, her trial judge, and defenders of free speech--all the way to jail
by Kristen LombardiFebruary 1st, 2005 12:39 PM
Truth in consequences
The law against disrupting Congress--"to utter loud, threatening, or abusive language, or to engage in any disorderly or disruptive conduct . . . with the intent to impede, disrupt, or disturb the orderly conduct of any session of Congress"--leaves room for interpretation. Which may explain why Elena Sassower had the book thrown at her and dissenting citizens have not. Consider these recent incidents:
In May 2004 eight protesters at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing unfurled a banner and hollered, "Fire Rumsfeld for war crimes!" They were not arrested.
In April 2004 a human rights activist went to the confirmation hearing of John Negroponte, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq. As Negroponte testified, the activist stood up and called the then appointee a "state terrorist." He was merely asked to sit down and be quiet.
In September 2003 a protester interrupted the testimony of L. Paul Bremer, the former head of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq, at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing. He was escorted away without incident. The next day, he returned and protested again. Only then was he charged with disrupting Congress. In July, he was convicted on two counts and sentenced to the maximum of six months for each. K.L.
Complete Story Here
Please recommend- I need to HEAR the OUTRAGE!!!

A Culture of Secrecy
by roseeriter Fri Feb 4th, 2005 at 03:01:22 PST
On a day when we've seen some success for outing Gannon, Armstrong maybe Hannity, it is good to know that there still exist some journalists with truth and integrity VALUES who have our best interests at the top of their priority list.
I came across a great article at Global Integrity.
A Culture of SecrecyWhat has happened to the principle that American democracy should be accessible and transparent?
By Charles Lewis

WASHINGTON, February 3, 2005 -- In the world's oldest democracy, pressure on investigative journalists is usually exerted in sophisticated, non-lethal ways, under the public radar. Every day in Washington, D.C., thousands of government and corporate public relations flaks and lobbyists purvey their "talking points" with a friendly smile, no matter how odious the client, no matter how intellectually dishonest or morally dubious their message. Journalists must trudge through the shameless "spin"-that vanilla word admiringly used these days instead of "lying," which has a harshly judgmental, jarringly rude ring in Washington power circles.
More Snippets Below
Sometimes the persuasion becomes less subtle. For example, when the Center for Public Integrity obtained and prepared to publish online the secret, proposed draft sequel to the USA Patriot Act, known as "Patriot II," we got calls from the U.S. Justice Department beseeching us not to publish.
Over the years, those unhappy with my investigations have tried just about everything to discourage our work. They have issued subpoenas, stalked my hotel room, escorted me off military bases, threatened physical arrest, suggested I leave via a second-story window, made a death threat personally communicated by concerned state troopers who asked that we leave the area immediately (we didn't), hired public relations people to infiltrate my news conferences and pose as "reporters" to ask distracting questions, attempted to pressure the Center's donors, and even brought expensive, frivolous libel litigation that takes years and costs millions of dollars to defend.
The personal financial disclosure forms of those advisers are secret, and much about the entire contracting process is deliberately hidden, and therefore unknown to the public. For example, it took 20 researchers, writers, and editors at the Center for Public Integrity six months and 73 Freedom of Information Act requests, including successful litigation in federal court against the Army and State Department, to begin to discern who was getting the Iraq and Afghanistan contracts, and for how much. Why? What has happened to the principles of accessible information and transparency in the decision-making process in our democracy?

A Culture of Lying
Over the years, I have investigated and interviewed members of Congress, presidential candidates, judges, captains of industry, government spooks, labor union presidents, crooks and terrorists, FBI agents and Ku Klux Klansmen, billionaires and the homeless, brilliant thinkers and the mentally deranged. And it is fair to say that I have been lied to by people in virtually every part of the United States, in swank marble buildings, smoky bars and dusty local jails, eyeball-to-eyeball and by phone, fax, email and hand-delivered letter, in all kinds of imaginative ways, almost always with a straight face.
The line between truth and falsehood-between the facts and a veneer of verisimilitude-has become so blurred as to be indistinguishable. Increasingly, what the powers that be say has become the publicly perceived reality, simply because they say it is so.
Take the war in Iraq. According to national election polling, a majority of voters for George W. Bush believed that weapons of mass destruction had been found in Iraq, and months earlier, more than half of the nation thought Saddam Hussein and Iraq had close ties to Al Qaeda or were directly involved in the attacks that brought down the World Trade Towers on September 11th. How could most Americans be so tragically misinformed, when official U.S. and international government investigations, widely reported by the news media, concluded otherwise?

The Politics of Fear
That seismic date in our history, September 11, 2001, enabled those in power to strengthen the prerogatives of the Presidency in the name of national security, giving rise to a new politics of fear which has severely diminished what the public can know about its government. The Bush administration came to power already overtly hostile to openness and the public's right to know. In its first months, for example, it unsuccessfully attempted to ensconce George W. Bush's gubernatorial documents in his father's presidential library, outside the state's sunshine disclosure laws. The White House has tenaciously and more successfully kept from the American people information about public policy meetings on public property between energy company executives and top federal officials. A respected reporter's home telephone records were secretly seized in order to ascertain his next story and his confidential sources.
Since 9/11, the country has seen a historic, regressive shift in public accountability. Open-records laws nationwide have been rolled back more than 300 times-all in the name of national security. For the first time in U.S. history, the personal papers of past presidents now may only be released with White House approval. A Justice Department "leak" investigation of the White House regarding an Iraq war-related news story has degenerated into a full-fledged witch-hunt against the news media and the First Amendment, with reporters facing imprisonment if they don't reveal their sources.
Despite the inhospitable landscape and the grim nature of the work-forensically excavating the cold corpus of unvarnished reality-most investigative reporters would probably grudgingly acknowledge that they are, to paraphrase John Kennedy, "idealists without illusions," with some modicum of hope that things can and should be better than they are.
The full article is here Global Integrity
I always feel a sense of relief when another truth-sayer is discovered.
U.S. guards kill four detainees in Iraq riotby roseeriter Wed Feb 2nd, 2005 at 10:01:27 PSTWhy were the prisoners rioting? And why is the media not on top of this story?
BAGHDAD (AP) -- U.S. guards opened fire Monday on prisoners during a riot at the main detention facility for security detainees, killing four of them, the U.S. command said. Six other prisoners were injured.
I wonder if because of the elections the Iraqi prisoners think they should be let go. More of the article below.

Renew The Fairness Doctrine
by roseeriter Wed Feb 2nd, 2005 at 07:37:46 PST
If you haven't signed this petetion yet please go to link and do so. Thanks.
Sign Petition at:Petition
We Need Balanced Media CoverageFor many years, television and radio stations were required to give equal time to opposing sides of public or political issues to ensure the American public heard all sides of a debate. It was a requirement made by the Federal Communications Commission that came to be known as The Fairness Doctrine.Diaries :: roseeriter's diary :: There's more... (168 words in story)

ROBOTS on the WAY!!
by roseeriter Tue Feb 1st, 2005 at 10:05:11 PST
No draft! We got Robots!
When Robots Do the Killing A new weapon can sanitize war, and that's tragic. By David L. UlinArticle below Diaries :: roseeriter's diary :: There's more... (21 comments, 5 new, 784 words in story)

Bush promotes 'nuclear hawks'
by roseeriter Tue Feb 1st, 2005 at 03:40:44 PST
What does all this mean? If oil is the target, why all the nuclear weapons talk?
A group of hardline officials known as "nuclear hawks" is being promoted in a shake-up of the Bush administration's arms control and non-proliferation teams, according to officials close to the administration.
Is this just another form of the Bush FEAR FACTOR to keep the rest of the world nervous and on guard?The rest of article below.
Iraqi Vote= Get Out Of Our Country!by roseeriter Mon Jan 31st, 2005 at 01:19:36 PSTI believe that the majority of Iraqis want us out of Iraq ASAP. I hope that they get what they voted for- An Iraq free from the occupiers.
This from the AP news-
Incentive to vote fueled by desire for U.S. to leave Election viewed as step to autonomy By The Associated Press
"We are Iraqis who oppose sectarian division, and our aim is to liberate our country from occupation,' he said. "I can tell the government that I will elect to ask the occupiers to leave the country through peaceful means.'
Diaries :: roseeriter's diary :: There's more... (5 comments, 531 words in story)

Wingnuts blaming Ted Kennedy
by roseeriter Sun Jan 30th, 2005 at 04:55:42 PST
For aiding and abetting the insurgents because of his speech about getting out of Iraq.
The Massachusetts senator's call comes a day after Congress members expressed sadness and division as the US military sustained its deadliest day since the Iraq war began, claiming the lives of 37 troops. "It will not be easy to extricate ourselves from Iraq, but we must begin," Mr Kennedy said.Diaries :: roseeriter's diary :: There's more... (12 comments, 223 words in story)

Halliburton leaves Iran-Quickly
by roseeriter Sun Jan 30th, 2005 at 01:26:05 PST
Did they get orders to leave? Now that the Iraqis are voting is it time to 'hit' Iran? January 29, 2005 Halliburton to End Iran Operations Times Headlines Diaries :: roseeriter's diary :: There's more... (6 comments, 1 new, 295 words in story)

Diebold 'Can' Create a Paper Trail
by roseeriter Sat Jan 29th, 2005 at 02:12:58 PST
How convenient. Better late than Never? This is a travesty.
Eliminating error: Diebold Announces Paper Trail for Voters Diebold Election Systems, a target of many electronic-voting critics during the 2004 US election, announced today that it has completed the design for a printer that would give its e-voting machines a paper trail.
Diaries :: roseeriter's diary :: There's more... (24 comments, 248 words in story)

Chuckies Back-What is a Constitutionalist?
by roseeriter Fri Jan 28th, 2005 at 03:10:21 PST
I subscribe to Chuck Baldwin's newsletter- mostly because I am curious about extreme political views, or how the other side thinks. I am also working on a sequel to my political thriller Mind Blindness, (pub.2002) and Chuck provides me with a lot of fodder.
Below he lists the Constitutional criteria.
It reads a lot like "You're a Redneck if..."Diaries :: roseeriter's diary :: There's more... (10 comments, 1288 words in story)

Isn't this How It Started in Iraq?
by roseeriter Fri Jan 28th, 2005 at 02:29:00 PST
When will it stop? I am so angry. I don't know what to say.
USAF playing cat and mouse game over Iran By Richard Sale UPI Intelligence Correspondent Published January 26, 2005
NEW YORK -- The U.S. Air Force is playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse with Iran's ayatollahs, flying American combat aircraft into Iranian airspace in an attempt to lure Tehran into turning on air defense radars, thus allowing U.S. pilots to grid the system for use in future targeting data, administration officials said.
"We have to know which targets to attack and how to attack them," said one, speaking on condition of anonymity.
Diaries :: roseeriter's diary :: There's more... (16 comments, 1690 words in story)

Iraq Election Fiasco-with poll
by roseeriter Thu Jan 27th, 2005 at 02:33:42 PST
I have been wondering and worrying about Jan 30th for quite awhile. Will the violence increase? Do the Iraqi's really want to vote for Democracy, because that is basically what this election is about.
Personally I feel we're shoving it down their throats. I have been against this war from the beginning. If nothing else, it should have ended once Saddam was captured. I mean who the heck are we fighting now over there..Diaries :: roseeriter's diary :: There's more... (2 comments, 366 words in story)

Hide Bush Bumper Stickers!
by roseeriter Wed Jan 26th, 2005 at 01:35:19 PST
This is over the top. There must be a Brain-washing Coup for Cops going on somewhere. We ain't in America any more.
DENVER -- Some people are angry when they see Shasta Bates' derogatory bumper sticker about President George W. Bush -- but she didn't think she'd be threatened with arrest because of it.(more below) Diaries :: roseeriter's diary :: There's more... (21 comments, 568 words in story)

A Dozen Generals against Gonzales
by roseeriter Wed Jan 26th, 2005 at 01:23:47 PST
In Stars and Stripes a letter was received and signed by 12 Generals who don't want Gonzales. Stars and Stripes
Gonzales not right fit for GIs As retired professional military leaders of the U.S. armed forces, we are deeply concerned about the nomination of Alberto R. Gonzales to be attorney general. We feel that his views concerning the role of the Geneva Conventions in U.S. detention and interrogation policy and practice have put soldiers in harm's way.Diaries :: roseeriter's diary :: There's more... (2 comments, 606 words in story)

Wanna Make Some Money?
by roseeriter Sun Jan 23rd, 2005 at 02:50:59 PST
Maybe this is a way we can get back some of OUR money the GOP seems so quick to take and spend. Apparently they are scanning websites and if they don't like the domain name they'll buy it. One example:
The Republican National Committee apparently paid a Virginia networking firm to buy on their behalf, RAW STORY has learned. A representative for Network Solutions, LLC confirmed that they registered sites for the Republican National Committee. When asked if they registered on behalf of the party, she said, "Yeah, then we probably did."Diaries :: roseeriter's diary :: There's more... (14 comments, 340 words in story)

Iranians for Freedom
by roseeriter Sat Jan 22nd, 2005 at 07:07:15 PST
I am listening to an Iranian woman asking for help to free Iranians on CSPAN.
The Alliance for Democracy in Iran (Alliance) is a non-profit organization dedicated to mobilizing the international community to stand up for human rights in Iran. The Alliance is committed to exposing and stopping the oppressive theocracy in Iran through information, advocacy and activismDiaries :: roseeriter's diary :: There's more... (21 comments, 130 words in story)

Cheney Blames Sadaam for the War
by roseeriter Fri Jan 21st, 2005 at 06:26:07 PST
Now I've heard everything. Did I miss something? Did Sadaam say "Bring it on"? He also mentions Iran in this. Who will he blame for that?
Cheney: Saddam at fault for long Iraq recovery 'Situation tougher than I would have thought,' VP tells ImusThe Associated Press Updated: 1:29 p.m. ET Jan. 20, 2005WASHINGTON - Vice President Dick Cheney said Thursday that he overestimated the pace of Iraq's recovery from the U.S.-led invasion because he didn't realize the lasting devastation wrought by Saddam Hussein on his people after the first Gulf War.Diaries :: roseeriter's diary :: There's more... (4 comments, 331 words in story)

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